My uncle committed Genocide, when we heard about the presidential pardon we approached him and we asked him to confess for his crimes he said “No they want to kill all of us, when Gacaca came they sentenced him to 20 years… he released last year. When I went to visit him recently I told him about this space, he was very surprised he asked “Do you really talk to them (Tutsis)? I’m surprised to hear you talk to them” .When I watched the documentary film I got inspired by the man who said that “whatever sin someone commits there is something that never dies within him/her there is a light that never fades. This gave me hope that one day he will change. As indicated in both testimonies some members of the spaces still have negative attitudes which in most cases deeply affect those who participate in the space since they tend to affect their healing progress. However participants of new spaces are hopeful that once they are healed they will be able to heal their family members and surrounding environment.